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"Once a fuckboy, always a fuckboy."

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Bandiz Studio    |

"This project is a homage to the tv series we couldn’t stay away from in recent times: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Lost, Mad Men and Homeland. 

The collection consists of five thematic posters based on typographical cuts of paper and cardboard. We tried to represent the spirit of each series by pointing out the most important statements and situate them in their typical ambience using characteristic elements and moods.”

Bandiz design studio is based in Madrid, Spain. This studio is focused on graphic design, photography, print design and art direction.

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so many lies. i hear them. i see them. i keep hearing one thing, but you do another. why do i even try to believe you the first time. it seems like it could get better. but will it? then you turn it over and do it again. we knew it would be hard. we knew it might not work, but we did it anyway. loneliness set in and look who walks in the door. a stranger takes hold. i lost control and then i lost you. fool me once. i let it go. fooled me twice, i still did not want you to go. all was seeming well and fine and i tried not to give it much thought. 3 strikes. yea. you’re out.  :/


College is cool and everything but how do I become Nana from After School?

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You linger by my side like my breath
But I can’t touch you




Show Korea’s Next Top Model 5 Episode 2

Photographer ?

Models Bang Tae-eun, Hwang Gi-ppeum, Lee Cheol-woo, Kim Min-jeong, Hyun Ji-eun & Jung Yong-soo

Only some of my favorite, for full set of images go to source

140622 Leaving Inkigayo
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Antony of Antony - Coral